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'MCINTOSH' Apple (Malus x domestica 'mcintosh')

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Not only is 'McIntosh' why we eat's also why we GROW apples! There is no other apple that says 'American as Apple Pie' more than the humble 'McIntosh'! Apples have many flavors, appearances, places in the heart, and 'McIntosh' is America's version of what 'apple' is! Discovered in 19th Century Ontario, Canada the 'Mac' has become the dominant apple grown in Eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States. Even today, 'McIntosh's Apple' is a commercial market favorite in many corners of the World.

This cultivar is also very easy to grow, crops reliably, and is un-phased by cold winters.

USDA Zones 4-7. Does well in cool summer climates.

Not self-pollinating. Consider 'Frostbite' as a pollinator for 'McIntosh'.

Available in 7 gallon pot.

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