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Fernhill Holly Farms

'EVERGREEN ROPING' Hand-tied Evergreen Garland (#GRLD, #DGRLD, #MGRLD))

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This plush and thick roping is hand-tied from Oregon-farmed evergreen boughs, then dipped in anti-desiccant to keep your holiday greens looking fresh and outlasting the season. Choose from Western Cedar, Douglas Fir, Noble Fir, or mixed Western Cedar and Douglas Fir. 

Combine with Brick House Farm Herbals MAPLE SYRUP OR HONEY for the perfect Adirondack holiday gift.

We can also add ANNALEE holiday dolls, Steiff Teddy Bears, and Lake Champlain Chocolate confections.

Contact our floral specialists to assist you in creating your personalized gift.

(518) 873-5005