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'PICOTEE' Amaryllis (Hippeastrum x 'picotee')

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'Picotee' is a charming amaryllis that produces snowy-white blossoms with a thin, red margin along the edge. The red trim makes it a subtle festive plant for the holidays. This flowering stems reach up to 24" and easily support the huge 9" blossoms. 

To keep your Amaryllis for another year allow it to grow through the spring and summer either inside or out in the garden. In fall, allow it to dry then dig and keep the bulb in cool place to rest. Re-pot the bulb in 8 weeks, place back in a warm, sunny location and slowly begin to water again. Once the bulb sprout new green growth, increase watering and rotation the pot daily to keep the flowering shoots straight. You'll enjoy another year of your Amaryllis!

May be ground outdoors in Zones 8-11.

34/36cm bulb