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'POCAHONTAS' Early-flowering Lilac (Syringa vulgaris x hyacinthiflora var. 'pocahontas')

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'Pocahontas' is an Early-flowering Lilac that you will treasure for the profusion of fragrant flowers that appear about two weeks earlier than those of the Common Lilac. Flower buds of 'Pocahontas' are a maroon-purple and open into single, violet florets. 'Pocahontas' is a vigorous growing shrub with attractive green leaves that turn bronze-red in fall giving you three-season interest. This selection grows to a mature height of 12 feet and a similar size wide. It freely suckers and will make a thicket attractive to wildlife if left alone. Annual pruning right after flowering will help to keep the size of 'Pocahontas' in check. Adaptable to many soil types and very hardy.

Zones 2-8

Available in 3-gallon pots.