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'MARBLE' Poinsettia (Euphorbia x pulcherrima 'marblestar') Marble

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Marble Poinsettia is a variety in the pink color family of Poinsettia. Euphorbia pulcherimma were first introduced in the US from Mexico in 1828 when the ambassador to Mexico, Joel Poinsett, discovered the plant in the wilderness of southern Mexico. By the 20th century the red and green leafed ‘Poinsettia’, as the plant was now named, became synonymous with Christmas due to its strong red and green color scheme. When white Poinsettias were bred with red Poinsettias, the pink Poinsettia was born. The Marble Poinsettia is formed by traditional selective breeding of red and white plants to get pink, and the resulting pink plant is back-crossed with white to get the Marble pattern. Like all ‘Poinsettias’ the marble color pattern floats on top of a leafy green backdrop.  

As it is a perennial that can survive in frost-free zones, any Poinsettia makes a good gift for someone who lives in a warm climate . Poinsettias make easy-to-care-for houseplants and are safe with pets; despite urban lore to the contrary, the plant is non-toxic although the sap can cause an upset stomach.

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