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'WHITE' Poinsettia (Euphorbia x pulcherrima)

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White Poinsettias offer an elegant addition to your holiday decor.  The white color is beautiful alone but also pairs well with other colored Poinsettias. Our white Poinsettias come in a 10" pot with three plants per pot for a generous display. All Poinsettias present their color with self-confidence on a backdrop of lush green leaves.

White Poinsettias originated in southern Mexico and were a symbol of purity for the Aztecs. Today white 'Poinsettias' make great gifts for people who have birthdays in December, or a lovely housewarming gift for someone who is hosting Christmas. The white Poinsettia is a symbol of glory, good cheer, and peace.

As it is a perennial that can survive in frost-free zones, any Poinsettia makes a good gift for someone who lives in a warm climate . Poinsettias make easy-to-care-for houseplants and are safe with pets; despite urban lore to the contrary, the plant is non-toxic although the sap can cause an upset stomach.