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'PURPLE GLORY' Early-flowering Lilac (Syringa vulgaris x hyacinthiflora var. 'purple glory')

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'Purple Glory' is a prolific bloomer, producing large, fragrant flowers starting at a young age. With dense, green foliage, 'Purple Glory' Lilac reaches a mature height of only 8 feet tall, with a mature spread of 6 feet. In fall the leaves of 'Purple Glory' turn a burgundy-purple adding a second period of seasonal color. Very hardy yet requiring a low period of chill, 'Purple Glory' is useful from USDA Zones 3-8 and even 9 where there is sufficient winter chill. Deer and other foraging animals tend to pass all lilacs by while pollinators such as honeybees and butterflies seek them out. Tolerant of heavy clay soils and once established, very drought tolerant.

Zones 3-9

Available in 3-gallon pot