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'RED D'ANJOU' Pear (Pyrus x communis 'red d'anou')

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With all the same attributes as the parent 'Beurre d'Anjou' pear, the bud-sport 'Red d'Anjou' pear is simply a horse of different color! Deep rosy-red to maroon skin highlights the perfect flesh within: mild flavor, sweet, and smooth textured. A perfect pear right off the tree, but you should also plan to take advantage of this pear's ability to store superbly well into the spring! In fact, under the right conditions, you may be eating the last of the previous year's crop while enjoying the astonishing flowering display that portends another upcoming bumper crop! 'Red d'Anjou' reliably bears heavy crops year after year and is a long-lived tree.

USDA Zones 5-8

Not self-pollinating. Consider cross-pollinating with 'Bosc' or 'Bartlett'.

Available in 7-gallon pot.