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'SWAMP AZALEA' (Rhododendron viscosum)

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Commonly known as the 'Swamp Azalea', Rhododendron viscosum is native to the eastern United States. 'Swamp Azalea' is a winter-hardy shrub that thrives in moist soils and is also salt tolerant. In the South, it is also known as 'Swamp Honeysuckle' given homage to its intensely fragrant blossoms, so place it near a pathway to enjoy the scent. One of the later blooming native Azaleas, the sticky, white blossoms can be variously washed with pink and have a great deal of regional variance in petal shape and branching habit. Foliage turns a striking combination of orange and maroon before dropping in autumn.

Pruning, which is rarely needed, should be performed right after the main blooming in the spring. Grows well in sunny locations or shaded areas and will thrive so long as the soil is acidic, rich in organic matter, and has good moisture for most of the year.

Zones 4-9.

Available in 2-gallon pot.

A native plant selection.