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Rose Lichfield Angel (English Shrub)

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Noted for its changing flower color, flower orientation and strong blooming prowess, 'Lichfield Angel' is the right color and size to play well with all the other roses in your garden. It's changeable flower color starts with bloom opening in late May as a neat cup of peachy-pink petals that morphs to a fully large, domed white flower with closely packed petals that nods slightly as if holding up all those petals taxes the strength of its stem. Adding its pleasing scent with clove overtones only adds to the show that repeats itself throughout the summer months on a plant that stays dense, compact, upright and relatively disease free. Don't forget to cut a few blooms for inside, too! Plant 'Lichfield Angel' in full sun with good airflow and be sure to use mulch around the plant and to fertilize regularly during the growing season.

Zones 5-10

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