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'MOTHER OF PEARL' Grandiflora Shrub Rose (Rosa x 'Meiludere')

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Grandiflora roses are exceptionally hardy and easy to grow. 'Mother of Pearl' is a selection that has gorgeous clusters of perfectly shaped flowers with a heavenly fragrance. This upright shrub rose is and is tough and dependable, being black spot resistant, hardy enough to survive winters in colder climates, and easily tolerant of heat and humidity. The fully-double, apricot-colored flowers seem to glow and are set off by clean, green foliage. 

Grandiflora roses are lovely to add to a cottage garden or as part of a larger rose collection. The upright growth habit needs little pruning or training. The flowers are long-lasting on the shrub and in the vase and turn into highly decorative and nutritious hips in late summer. Leaving the hips on roses through the winter provides food for non-migrating birds and other wildlife. 

Zones 5-9. Grown on own root.