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'QUEEN ELIZABETH' Grandiflora Shrub Rose (Rosa

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You would be hard pressed to find any better rose to carry the name of England's late monarch Queen Elizabeth than this American turning-point in roses.

'Queen Elizabeth' was the very first Grandiflora rose; a cross between a hybrid tea and a floribunda. Grandiflora roses combine the long, tall, upright stems of hybrid tea roses with the multi-flowered clusters of floribunda roses. 'Queen Elizabeth' rose has pink, mildly fragrant flowers and dark-green, glossy, almost leathery foliage. It flowers repeatedly throughout the summer and early-fall. 

Roses have the reputation of requiring a lot of care and being finicky to grow. But, not all are. 'Queen Elizabeth' is easy to grow, hardy, and disease-resistant, making it a popular choice for rose-growing novices. But, because it is a shrub-like plant that reaches 6 feet or more in height, it requires space and is best planted towards the back of a flower bed, or as a screen.

Zones 5-8. Grown on own root.

Available in 3-gallon pot.