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'ROYALTY' Hungarian Lilac (Syringa josikaea x komarowii var. 'royalty')

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If you really covet lilacs you'll want to add 'Royalty' Lilac to your landscape. This variety produces a multitude of very large, fragrant blooms later into the summer than common Lilac varieties. Add it to your collection and extend the season where you can enjoy more of that amazing fragrance.  'Royalty' is robust and extremely hardy, including resistance to disease and deer.

The flower buds are a decidedly darker lavender-purple than the light-lavender blossoms creating an enchanting two-toned effect. The thick, dark green leaves provide a superior backdrop for the lighter lavender color of the large and graceful panicles. Be sure to cut some of the long panicles of flowers to bring inside. Grows to 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide.

Zones 3-8

Available in 3-gallon and 15-gallon 'gro-bag'.