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'SAM' Sweet Cherry (Prunus x avium 'sam')

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Hardy to minus 20 degrees, the 'Sam' cherry tree is very similar to the 'Bing' cherry with dark, shiny, medium-sized fruit. 'Sam' is a little more tart than its sweet cousin. The tree bears heavy crops and is resistant to cracking. 'Sam' is a great pollinator for other sweet cherries, but not for itself. The tree grows to 15 feet tall and wide and you can look forward to harvests of 50 pounds of fruit annually. With a fantastic, strong, lingering cherry flavor, the cherries are ready to eat fresh, bake into pies, or turn into preserves. Beautiful snow-white blossoms in spring earn this tree a place in where it can be enjoyed as an ornamental.

USDA Zones 5-9.

Not self-pollinating. Consider 'Lambert' or 'Bing as a pollinator for your 'Sam' cherry.

Available in 7-gallon pots.

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