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'SANTA ROSA' Plum (Prunus x domestica 'santa rosa')

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'Santa Rosa' Japanese plum tree fulfills two purposes in your yard; as an ornamental producing beautiful, light-pink, highly scented spring blooms and as a fruit tree producing delicious, juicy plums. At maturity, the tree can reach 20' tall and as wide. The plums are large with purple-red skin ripening in the mid-season. Their fine-textured, honey-yellow, cling-stone flesh is delicious when eaten fresh, canned, or used in cooking. 'Santa Rosa' is one of the more cold tolerant Japanese plums easily tolerating temperatures to -20 degrees. A good option for drying into prunes.

While the 'Santa Rosa' plum is a self-pollinator, you’ll harvest a better crop when planted with other Japanese varieties.

USDA Zones 5-9. Requires at least 500 chill hours.

Self-pollinating, but will crop heavier with a second 'Santa Rosa' nearby or another Japanese plum variety.

Available in 5-gallon pot.