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'SILVER DOLLAR' Blueberry (Vaccinium x corymbosum 'silver dollar')

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Vaccinium corymbosum, commonly known as high bush blueberry, is an upright, deciduous shrub native to eastern North America where it typically grows in moist woods, bogs, swamps and low areas. White, pendulous, urn-shaped flowers bloom in spring. The round, sweet berries are dark blue to purple with a dull, blue-grey bloom on their surface. The high bush blueberry is a valuable source of food for wild animals and is an important commercial and home garden crop worldwide.

A unique blueberry with a sweet, pineapple flavor and foliage resembling Eucalyptus. White flowers in the spring lead to a summer crop of medium to large-sized blueberries. Foliage will have hints of silver throughout the spring and early summer before turning emerald green in the fall. A small-statured bush, 'Silver Dollar' is perfect for patio settings and garden borders. Very attractive landscaping value as well as a food producing shrub. Grows 2' to 3' tall and wide.

USDA Zones 5-9.


Available in 2-gallon pot.