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Strictly Medicinal Seeds

'SKULLCAP' (Scutellaria lateriflora x skullcap)

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The 'skullcap' comes with with 50 organically certified seeds per packet. This creeping herbaceous perennial thrives in moist garden soil in shade or sun. Sow in garden in cool soils of fall or early spring, or give 30 days cold conditioning by mixing with moist medium in a plastic bag in the refrigerator, then sow in warm soil. Germination is in 30 days. Thin or transplant 6 inches apart. The 'skullcap' grows up to 2 feet tall. 

'Skullcap' was used by indigenous healers as a sedative and to calm the hysteria associated with rabies. 'Scutellaria' have many bioactive chemicals that are being evaluated for their properties and potentials in modern pharmaceutics. Readily extracted in hot water, the bioactive chemicals of 'Skullcap' are available in brewed teas.

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Zones 6 to 9