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'SNOWDANCE' Japanese Tree Lilac (Syringa reticulata x 'snowdance')

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The Japanese tree lilac, Syringa reticulata, is not your typical lilac shrub. It is actually a tree! The tree is native to Japan but has acclimated to grow in cooler climates around the World very well. The tree grows quickly to heights of 30’ tall and 20’ wide with an oval-rounded crown. Reddish-brown, cherry-like peeling bark is attractive on younger branches and gradually turns handsom-gray with age. The leaves are dark-green with little color change in the fall. 'Showdance' has showy, fragrant, creamy-white flowers which bloom in upright panicles to 12” long in late-spring to early-summer. 'Snowdance' blooms later in the season than traditional lilac shrubs, extending the lilac season into summer. The flowers give way to loose clusters of brown capsules that persist into winter and are attractive to winter birds.  An easy tree to grow and excellent as a street tree in urban environments.

Zones 3-7

Available in 15-gallon pot