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Solidago Goldenrod 'Peter Pan'

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Magnificent sprays of warm yellow blossoms from this Solidago are produced in bursts like fireworks at the top of the plants. A little taller variety, attractive to butterflies. In bloom for a long period of time. Pairs nicely with Asters.


Solidago are perfect for providing fresh blooms in the difficult late summer/early fall time slot and provide a great backdrop for mums and other late bloomers. It has gotten a hayfever reputation because it blooms at the same time as Ragweed - Goldenrod does not aggravate hayfever!


Avoid overly rich soils. For more compact plants, cut back by half in June or pinch back in May. This will also increase branching and bushiness. Can be divided every 2 - 3 years in spring. Spent flower stalks provide winter interest, but can be cut down pretty much anytime.

4" pot.

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