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'SUN RED' Nectarine (Prunus persica x nucipersica 'sun red')

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Requiring only 200 chill hours to set fruit, 'Red Sun' has become a favorite nectarine for both Southern gardeners and for Northern gardens as well. Hardy to -20 degrees, the 'Sun Red' preforms very reliably in Northern Zone 5 gardens that can protect the early blossoms from late frosts. But, even if the first flush of blossoms get frozen, 'Sun Red' may reward the gardener with a smaller second flush of blossoms. The fruit is medium-sized, semi free-stone, with bright-red, smooth skin and sumptuous yellow, string-less flesh.

USDA Zones 5-9. Requires at least 200 chill hours.

Self-pollinating, but higher yields with more than one 'Sun Red' or another peach or nectarine that blossoms at the same time.

Available in 5-gallon pots.