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'SWAMP HIBISCUS' Hardy Rose Mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos)

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There isn't a plant with bigger, showier flowers in the garden than this plant with its huge summer blooms that draw gasps of delight from gardeners while attracting a host of colorful garden creatures to help liven up the landscape. It emerges late from the soil in the spring with big, round foliage on upright stems. Buds appear at stem ends in July and open later in the month to reveal huge, 8" diameter pink flowers with red eyes that will put every local hummingbird on alert for its nectar. Flowers continue to open into early September providing an unparalleled garden show on a plant that is so easy to grow with its love of sunny areas and tolerance of lots of soil moisture. This plant provides a great caterpillar food source for some of our favorite butterflies while also providing great cover and nesting material for birds, too.

Zones 4-8

A native plant selection

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