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'TAWARA' Asian Pear (Pyrus x pyrifolia 'tawara')

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An attractive spring-flowering tree, 'Tawara' Asian pear is grown mainly for its edible fruit. The tree has an upright oval form with glossy green foliage which looks great all season long but especially the autumn when the leaves turn flame-orange and red. A flush of beautiful white flowers in spring is followed by late summer tan to light brown, crispy sweet fruit, tasting like a cross between apple and pear. Asian pear cultivars are generally self-fruitful but heavier crops occur where two or more cultivars are planted together; 'Seckel', 'Bosc' or 'Bartlett' can be used for cross-pollination. Excellent for fresh eating or canning. 'Tawara' is a very hardy selection and can be relied on to produce a good crop even after severe winters and late frosts.

USDA Zones 4-8.


Available in 7-gallon pot.