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'THE GOVERNOR' Lupine (Lupinus x 'the governor')

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There is no substitute for the color and presence of Lupine in a garden and 'The Govenor' might be in the running for your favorite once you see its spectacular color. Like all Lupine, 'The Govenor' emerges from the ground in the spring exposing its unique signature palmate foliage that forms a dense rounded clump which sizes up to be a few inches larger than the corresponding clump formed by the Popsicle Lupine series plants. Long stalks emerge above the foliage in May and spring into bloom late in the month exposing tightly packed, hooded blooms of marine blue and cream along a 10 to 12" stem. What a show as 'The Governor' and its one of a kind, one of a color bloom will rule benignly over your garden through late June. Plant 'The Governor' in a group in the front or center of any sunny, rich, well-drained soil location for an even more devastating garden result!

Zones 4-8