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'THREAD-LEAF' Tickseed (Coreopsis verticilata x)

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You may know 'Moonbeam' and 'Zagreb' as the most popular forms of this plant but the original species is still the best for wildlife habitat in your backyard, and puts on an amazing show to boot! Vigorous and somewhat upright, this selection forms a tight bush with fine textured, needle-like foliage that tops itself with countless buds in late spring. These flower buds open in late June revealing single yellow daisy blooms by the boatload, continuing into August. It's such an easy to grow, easy care plant that once it's established you need do nothing but enjoy the show, especially the hoards of butterflies that will be drawn to the bloom like steel to a magnet. Plant this selection in full sun and give it well-drained soil, then stand back and watch the summer show.

Zones 3-8

A native selection

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