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'WHITEGOLD' Sweet Cherry (Prunus x avium 'whitegold')

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'Whitegold' cherry is a rare and beautiful tree known for its bright red-yellow fruit and fragrant white blossoms making it as striking a sight when in full fruit as it is when in the full flush of spring flower. In mid-spring, it bursts into bloom and is covered in fragrant white flowers. The fruit, which follows in mid-June, has all the flavor qualities of its esteemed parents 'Emperor Francis' and 'Stella'; the cherries are bright, sweet, and crisp, with a flavor as unique as their coloring. They are delicious raw, cooked, dried, or preserved. The tree itself is very disease resistant, cold tolerant, and will set fruit reliably even in wet spring conditions.

USDA Zones 5-9. Requires at least 800 chill hours.

Self-pollinating. Like all self-pollinating sweet cherries, heavier crops will set when planted nearby another sweet cherry.

Available in 7-gallon pot.