Peony: The Easy-Care Perennial

Peony: The Easy-Care Perennial

Congratulations you just received your Peony order! These easy-care perennials don't require much attention. 

Quick Facts

1. They grow best in USDA zones 2-8 and can last a lifetime!

2. Well-drained soil is a must.

3. Full sun is great; however, half a day of sun is fine, too (minimum of 6 hours).

4. Plant bare-root peonies in the fall - prime peony planting season.

5. Roots are planted with just an inch or two of soil over the eyes (buds).

6. Potted peonies may be transplanted in the fall or spring.

7. Fertilize in early spring.

8. Deadhead the spent flowers after bloom.

Peony: The Easy-Care Perennial

Peonies establish a vigorous root system the first two years after planting. They often flower the first year. In the second year, they increase in plant and flower size. By their third spring, they are maturing and producing an abundance of flowers. Often you can enjoy your peony plants in the same spot for decades - you may never have to divide your peonies (unless you want additional plants to grow or share).


Plant bare-root peonies in the fall. We have planted in most months of the year (bare root or from containers); they will grow more feeder roots, faster when planted from late August through early December. I have experimented with planting a few in late December and January - they won't produce much root growth in the first months; but, will lay in the ground, ready to grow when the time is right. 


If you are going to pot a peony it is best if they have drainage holes. You are going to want to keep your roots in a cold moist garage to keep them dormant. In the spring you can transfer it into the field. It is best to plant your peony instead of potting it if you are able to.

Happy Gardening!

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