Using Roses For Ground Cover? Yes, Please!

Using Roses For Ground Cover? Yes, Please!

Delightfully fragrant and saturated with color, using roses for ground cover is a gardening trend we can't get enough of. These types of roses are considered to be shrub roses, and grow low and long to the ground (typically no more than about three feet tall by about four feet long), and are relatively easy in terms of care.

These shrub roses bloom all season long, don't require regular feeding (although they do respond well to fertilizer) and will bloom all season long with regular deadheading. 

Choose a spot for your roses that gets at least 6 hours of full sun per day (although they do well in partly shaded areas as well), and look for well drained soil. 

You can use shrub roses for ground cover to help block weeds, as borders around your garden for color all season long, or put them in containers to add a pop of beauty around your porch or patio. 

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