Best Tips For Planting and Growing Daffodils

Best Tips For Planting and Growing Daffodils

Spring here in the Champlain Valley just wouldn't be the same without daffodils! These cheerful flowers are right up there with some of our all-time favorite spring bulbs. If you're thinking about adding some daffodils to your plans for fall planting, here are some of the best tips for planting and growing daffodils.

1. Choose a location that offers full sun or at least partial sun. Daffodils love the early spring sun! Since most of the trees haven't leafed out in the early spring, finding a spot with full sun shouldn't be too hard for most people.

2. Check the pH of your soil. Most daffodils prefer neutral to slightly acidic soil, but some do better in a slightly alkaline soil. If in doubt, neutral (ph of 7) will do just fine. Daffodil bulbs also prefer a well-drained soil, so make sure your planting location isn't too wet.

3. Space your bulbs about 3 - 6" apart, and plant them at a depth that's approximately 2x - 3x times the height of your bulbs. (Ex: a 2" bulb would need to be planted at a depth of at least 4".) 

4. Pointy end up! Like with most flower bulbs, always plant with the pointy end up. If there is no well-defined pointy end, you can always plant them sideways and trust that the flowers will find their way to the top of the soil.

5. If you live in a place where winters can be severe, make sure you have at least 3" of soil covering all of your daffodil bulbs. 


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