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Essex, N.Y.

To be a successful Champlain Peony Company packing & delivery specialist you must have excellent skills in time management and enjoy both driving and interacting with customers in their places of business. The Packing & Delivery Specialist provides the final step in the very long and costly processes of production and their ability to understand the nuances of packing and shipping is key to the overall success of building the business. It is pointless to spend precious resources in growing material to a salable state only to see it not make its way to the customer in satisfactory condition. The Packing & Delivery Specialist provides our last quality check and has the authority to question the sale of products that they feel do not meet the highest standards of the Company. Additionally, the Packing & Delivery Specialist is a sales and marketing representative and provides an extra level of service to their regular customers by “spot selling” products that they choose to carry along with them while out for delivery. The Packing & Delivery Specialist will earn commission on these sales. The Supervising Packing & Delivery Specialist reports directly to the Business Manager. All other Packing & Delivery Specialists report to the Supervising Packing & Delivery Specialist.


Responsibilities of the Packing & Delivery Specialist:

  • Safety is your primary responsibility, both for yourself and for others;
  • Interpreting sales contracts and orders and communicating availabilities to fulfill these contracts and orders to the sales associate generating them;
  • Communicating urgently with a sales associate for contracts and orders that cannot be filled in an acceptable timeframe as determined by the customer;
  • Expediting all sales requiring packing or delivery in the order in which they are received OR in another order as determined by the Supervising Sales & Marketing Associate, Business Manager, or Owner;
  • Maintaining accurate inventories utilizing computer-based systems by updating quantities of products moving into and out of the packing area;
  • Providing the highest competency in packaging perishable and fragile products as appropriate for their delivery modality;
  • Interfacing with shipping companies for pick-ups and returns and providing daily receipts to the Business Manager for accounting;
  • Creating delivery routes, packaging for delivery, loading delivery vehicle, and signing off of the bills of lading for each route delivered;
  • Accounting for and taking fiscal responsibility for any extra material loaded to be offered for “spot sale”;
  • Ensuring all tools and equipment used during a shift are cleaned and in good repair, stored, and accounted for at the end of each shift;
  • Communicating with the Agricultural Equipment Technician for routine care, repair, or other issues with respect to Company delivery vehicles;
  • Engaging the public on topics within their field of expertise, referring clients to others more suited to engaging their needs, or assisting in making a plan to address a client’s inquiry at a later time;
  • Assisting any customer who is in need by focusing attention, expertise, and genuine interest in our products and services to facilitate a positive transaction;
  • Being able to assist the production team with simple tasks as time allows such as watering plants, moving pots, raking or sweeping areas, and other light production needs;
  • Carrying out the goals of their supervisor by prioritizing and multi-tasking projects to achieve continuity of production and business functions.


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