A Peony By Any Other Name Would Smell Just As Sweet!

A Peony By Any Other Name Would Smell Just As Sweet!

Our sense of smell can trigger many powerful memories, and the familiar scent of a flower can bring on a rush of emotion when we remember things like weddings and special times with loved ones. That's just one of the reasons why peonies are such a favorite flower! In addition to their beauty, the aroma of a peony can remind us of these moments in our lives. Here are a few of our favorite peonies and a little bit about the scent of the flower!

The Duchesse de Nemours peony has a lovely, strong fragrance that one peony society describes as being similar to a "fine French perfume". This particular variety has a fragrance that can stick with you for a lifetime.

The red Sarah Bernhardt peony has a lighter fragrance, but no less memorable than the Duchesse de Nemours. These sweet and earthy peonies are great for people who might be more sensitive to strong fragrances, but still enjoy the fragrance of a beautiful peony.

If you or someone else in your household is highly sensitive to fragrance, you can still have these beautiful Kansas peonies around without worry! Amazing to look at, but without the heavy scent of other varieties of peony.

You can find all of these currently available at our garden store in Essex, N.Y.! Place your orders online and then pick up in store anytime that we're open!



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