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Essex, N.Y.

To be a successful Champlain Peony Company shopkeeper a candidate must possess a cheerful attitude and enjoy working face-to-face with the retail public in a posture of service and humility. The SK will know all the products we carry for retail sale, their inventories, seasonal availability, and is the expert in both concluding the sale and in taking and executing future orders. The SK is the face of the business and the first and last impression that our visiting customers have of the Company. Their ability to cheerfully and expertly engage the customer is the key to building a repeat business and their value to the success of the enterprise cannot be overstated. The SK will know who can best address a client’s needs and is the key-stone to communication between components of the Company. The SK reports directly to the BM.


Responsibilities of the SK:

  • Safety is your primary responsibility, both for yourself and for others;
  • Maintaining the required appearance of all merchandise displays as determined by the Senior Sales & Marketing Agent;
  • Keeping all retail spaces clean and free of clutter to maintain a safe retail environment;
  • Greeting all visitors and being available to assist or direct them as needed to effect a mutually satisfactory engagement;
  • Engaging the public on topics within their field of expertise, referring clients to others more suited to engaging their needs, or assisting in making a plan to address a client’s inquiry at a later time;
  • Assisting any customer who is in need by focusing attention, expertise, and genuine interest in our products and services to facilitate a positive transaction;
  • Assisting with self check-out systems and accounting for all items being sold or otherwise removed from sale;
  • Familiarizing hard copy and electronic reference materials for customers information and learning about care and culture of material we sell;
  • Being able to take orders and maintain electronic records for getting back to customers in the event an item they want to purchase is currently unavailable;
  • Informing Supervising Sales & Marketing Agent with customer purchasing trends and requests for new products;
  • Assisting Sales & Marketing Agent with planning and execution of marketing events;
  • Being available to supplement any other labor function that requires urgent help at the direction of a senior team member;
  • Opening and closing all sales functions on a daily basis and reporting required metrics to Business Manager on a daily basis;
  • Carrying out the goals of their supervisor by prioritizing and multi-tasking projects to achieve continuity of production and business functions.
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