The BRICK HOUSE FARM HERBALS LLC, D/B/A CHAMPLAIN PEONY COMPANY (the Company) is a newly established horticulture enterprise focusing on the cultivation and production of peonies and other perennial floral crops for the cut-flower market. We are looking for a few ornamental horticulture- and floristry-trained (or experienced) farmers and farm lovers to join our dedicated team in either full-time or part-time capacity. While promoting, growing, and selling peonies is our passion, the entire breadth of USDA Zone 5 perennials will be trialed for commercial cut-flower production. The Company is primarily a wholesale cut-flower business, but will offer seasonal retail sales of our ornamental plant material, goods, design services, and non-flower curiosities, classics, and coffee. 

 The mission of the Champlain Peony Company is to become a primary domestic source of peonies, value added peony products, and peony horticultural expertise by sourcing worldwide, growing locally, marketing regionally, and promoting peonies and hardy flowering perennials in our homes and communities. In 2018, the United States consumed 20% of the world’s production of cut-flowers yet the US only produced 0.5% of that production! The environmental impact of moving cut-flowers to the US market is staggering and it is Champlain Peony Company’s goal to build sustainable production and low-impact marketing while promoting the positive impacts of flowers in our lives. It is our vision that every home should have a garden, every garden should have a peony, and every peony should bring joy to a life.