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'CAROLINE CONSTABEL' Itoh Peony (Paeonia x intersectional 'caroline constabel'

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Itoh intersectional peonies remain UNCOMMON and UNUSUAL hybrids between herbaceous and tree peonies. Difficult to create, all are highly sought after by collectors yet easy to grow and very hardy. 'Caroline Constabel' forms a mid-sized bush of lush green leaves and very large, fully-double, bomb-type blooms of pink petals streaked with dark-rose flares; unique amongst Itohs. Even more impressive is that when mature, 'Caroline Constabel' will produce 3-5 blossoms PER STEM, making for an unequaled display of floral abundance in the peony world. Flowering is always best in a sunny location, but this selection can be used successfully in a lightly shaded location.  Plants usually die to the ground or to very low woody stems for the winter. Cut-flowers have a shorter vase life than herbaceous peonies. For a better alternative for indoor display, cut the stem about an inch below a blossom and float in a rose bowl. Elegant and stunning in any perennial garden. ONE OF THE MOST SOUGHT-AFTER ITOHS WE CARRY. EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY! ONLY ONE PLANT PER CUSTOMER WHILE THEY LAST.

Zones 3-9

Bare roots are available only in the fall/winter. 3/5-eyes.

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