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'CHESTINE GOWDY' Peony (Paeonia x lactiflora 'chestine gowdy')

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Intoxicating admirers since 1913, 'Chestine Gowdy' is a late, fully-double, pink and white peony. Its large flowers are guarded by light-rose petals with a collar of creamy-white and center petals that sport dark-rose flares and edges; excellent fragrance. At 26" in height, 'Chestine Gowdy' is a strong grower and very floriferous with stout stems making it excellent for cutting. Beginning with a rose-type bud when first opening, the blossom soon expands into a very high crown so that the flower is oftentimes higher than it is broad. STUNNING! VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY! ONLY ONE ROOT PER CUSTOMER.

Zones 3-7

Bare roots available only in the fall/winter. 3/5-eye.

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