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'DOUBLE FRIEND' Peony (Paeonia x lactiflora 'double friend')

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Introduced to the peony world in 2017, 'Double Friend' sets itself apart due to it saturated yellow color. Most yellow herbacious peonies tend toward pale-yellows. 'Double Friend' comes at your with a more bold-yellow coloring saturating it's fully-double flowers. The plant itself is compact making it perfect for the near border where people can get a good look at it. 'Double Friend' will draw attention! Excellent cut-flower for the early-season as it's stems produce only a single, large blossom each. 'Double Friend' is very prolific with mature plants yielding 30 or more stems a year!

Zones 4-8. Color will wash out a bit more in the South, so some afternoon shade is acceptable to keep the color more saturated.

Bare roots are available only in the fall. 3/5-eye


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