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'EAGLE WINGS' Tree Peony (Paeonia x rockii 'eagle wings')

'EAGLE WINGS' Tree Peony (Paeonia x rockii 'eagle wings')


Flare peony 'Eagle Wings' (驚雨天成 or Jing Yu Tian Cheng) is a mid-season peony with, half-double, milky-white, fragrant, 8" blossoms. Each petal is generously flared with an inky-red center, giving the overall effect of a huge, 3-dimensional blossom. The flowers of 'Jing Yu Tian Cheng' peony are elegant in both color and form. Mature plants will approach 7' in height and 4' or more in width and produce more than 50 blossoms in mid-May through early-June in temperate regions and earlier in warmer areas. Expect around 4" of height gain per year.

Available as bare root and field stock for shipping or pick up in the LATE-FALL and WINTER.

5-gallon potted specimen are ONLY available for YEAR-ROUND pick up at our nursery.

Zones 4-8. Tree peonies are not as tolerant of drought, severe cold, or southern heat and humidity as most herbaceous peonies can be. Consider wind protection and mulching in Zone 4 and light afternoon shade and mulching in Zone 8. Do not let tree peonies stand in water or subject them to drought conditions. They will not reward you.

Tree peonies, a symbol of wealth and honor, are known as the King of Flowers and have been in culture in China for millennia. it is likely that hybrids came into being in gardens where different wild tree peony species were planted closely together. Peonies are used in China both for medicine and as a time-honored ornamental and are called 牡丹 (mu dan) in China. Korea and Japan also have tree peonies featured in their ancient art and medicine and have been growing and improving peonies for centuries.

Shipping is only available for bare root and field stock tree peonies in late-fall and winter. We will NOT ship potted peonies so please do NOT order potted selections.

Zones 4-8

Bare roots are available only in late-fall and winter.

We do not ship potted peonies.

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diana smith
first order

I received Eagle wings and was thrilled to see such a nice bare root plant. It had a great root system and 4-5 nice buds. I am excited to see it come to life in the spring.