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'EARLY BIRD' Peony (Paeonia woodwardi x tenuifolia 'early bird')

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-----------------SOLD OUT FOR 2022---------------------

'Early Bird' WILL be the first peony in your garden to blossom. A rare cross between fern-leaf species P. tenuifolia and P. veitchii woodwardii, 'Early Bird' Peony is a strain with abundant, single, bright-crimson flowers held singly above fern-leaf foliage on dwarf-sized stems of 20" or so. Very early, usually blooming even before other fern-leaf peonies and right at the same time as flowering crabapples. Spreads slowly to form mats of gorgeous spring foliage that disappear as the summer heats up. Excellent rock garden plant. Please do not miss this quite rare and exquisite offering. ONLY ONE ROOT PER CUSTOMER.

Zones 4-7

Bare roots available only in the fall. 3/5-eye.