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'EMBRACEABLE PINK' Peony (Paeonia x lactiflora 'embraceable pink')

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Peonies can pack a lot of punch into a small package and 'Embraceable Pink' sets a new standard. 26" stems support a fragrant, Japanese-style pink and cream, six-inch blossom of incredible force. Two rows of sturdy guard pedals are a perfect peony-pink and the center tuft of ivory-white, frilly petalloids are perfectly proportioned and balanced to the Japanese standard. Multiple buds per stem allow you the chose a single, show-blossom or prolong your blooming period in the garden with multiple somewhat smaller blooms. This gem is understated and under appreciated in American gardens and we are fortunate to offer it to you.

Zones 3-8

Bare roots are available only in the fall. 3/5-eye.


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