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'GORDON E. SIMONSON' Itoh Peony (Paeonia x intersectional 'gordon e. simonson')

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Introduced in 2010, 'Gordon E. Simonson' features a classic peony shape and texture, but its large flower form, bold shocking-fuchsia petals, and bright-yellow centers make it a fresh and dramatic addition anywhere in the landscape. 'Gordon E. Simonson' blooms are twice the usual size of other Itoh peony flowers! When these are in bloom no one walks by these beauties without an exclamation! Despite its large size, the flowers grow on a compact plant with sturdy stems that won't need staking. They're surprisingly resilient in cut-flower arrangements, but be sure to cut them in the morning, before the buds open, and leave at least three leaves on the stem. An instant bright spot in a semi-shady corner of the garden. Still very difficult to find! EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY!

Zones 3-9

Available only in fall as bare roots. 2/3-eye.

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