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'HIGH NOON' Tree Peony (Paeonia x suffruticosa 'high noon')

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'High Noon' is hybrid tree peony with clear lemon-yellow flowers marked red at the center. It blooms early in the season and it may occasionally throw a repeat blossom during the summer.

The Tree Peony (P. suffruticosa) is one of the most glorious shrubs available to American gardeners. Its huge, silky flowers are similar to those of herbaceous Peonies, but the range of color runs from pure-white through pinks and reds into lavender and yellow. Mature plants reach 4–5′ and carry up to 50 of these exquisite blossoms at a time.

Tree Peonies grow best in full sun or partial shade and evenly moist but well-drained soil with a pH close to neutral. They take a year or two to show what they can do and it's well worth the wait. Hardy, disease, and deer-resistant.

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