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'KIL JA'S PLEASURE' Tree Peony (Paeonia x suffruticosa)

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Tree Peony 'Kil Ja's Pleasure' is an unofficially named selection of light-red peony. We have taken the liberty to name it after a family matriarch, Kil Ja Choi. This selection stuns the observer by its size and it's floriferous display of 8" blossoms early in the peony season.

Tree peonies are very hardy members of the peony clan, native to highlands in China, Japan and Korea. Their silken flowers evoke reflection and inner-peace and feature prominently in Eastern art. Growing to 6' tall and wide, tree peonies are a garden feature when mature. Grow in full sun in the north, and more shaded areas in the south.

Zones 3-9

Available in 3-gallon pot.

Bare root available only in fall.