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'KANSAS' Peony (Paeonia x lactiflora 'kansas')

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While all peonies tend to be showy, 'Kansas' takes showiness to a new level! This peony is a robust, larger growing plant with multiple tightly grouped stems, each of which is topped by a big, round, fat flower bud by mid-May. Bud opening in late May unfurls an incredible array of bright watermelon colored petals that are packed together to form one of the biggest double flowers you'll ever see in the garden. Lightly fragrant, these flowers will dazzle you and will make an awfully tempting cut flower. Plant 'Kansas' in full sun or partial shade in moist, well-drained soil and provide plant support so those huge blooms won't flop when open.

Zones 4-8

Bare roots are available only in the fall. 3/5-eye

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