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'KELWAY'S GLORIOUS' Peony (Paeonia x lactiflora 'kelway's glorious')

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Introduced in 1909, 'Kelway's glorious' is a double type, very large-flowering, mid-season peony. White with a creamy suffusion in its depths, crimson-streaks on the outside of its guard petals, and occasionally a few faint crimson edges in the center make this is a sensational peony in every classic way. Strong, rose-like fragrance makes its presence know in any garden. Of medium height with 30" strong stems and very heavy blossom numbers, 'Kelway's Glorious' has been a florist standard for over a century. Good dark-green foliage with green veins support 7", shaggy, rather flat flowers with a deep, funnel-like center and enormous wide-spreading petals. Requires time to do its best, but is generally considered one of the finest varieties. An heirloom selection of note. LIMITED QUANTITY

Zones 3-9 (requires some shade in zone 9)

Available only in the fall as bare roots. 3/5-eye

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