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'LESLIE PECK' Peony (Paeonia x lactiflora 'leslie peck')

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A cheerful and uplifting color combination! Japanese-form flowers are composed of deep-pink guards that cup a central cluster of spiky staminodes that twist and turn like forked tongues of orange flame. This well proportioned center is where the allure lies in the flower combining the yellow and pink in the staminodes to produce a peachy-orange  appearance. The overall effect 'Leslie Peck' achieves is a color presence that lights up the garden. Flowers reside on 36" tall, ramrod-straight stems that push the flower well above the foliage. Plants are floriferous with many side buds that amplify the color impact and extend the blooming period.

Zones 3-8

Bare roots available only in the fall. 2/3-eye.

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