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'MISTER ED' Peony (Paeonia x lactiflora 'mr. ed')

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Get ready to create impeccably easy cut-flower arrangements! 

'Mister Ed' has a special split-personality: no two flowers are the same color. There aree pale-pink blossoms and flowers that are nearly fuchsia! Sometimes both colors are mixed in just one flower! This peony keeps surprising you: outside on the field and in the vase. Guard petals open into a broad bowl that is then filled to bursting with a froth of smaller petals. Very prolific, incredibly full and fragrant blooms cover the mounded plants. This whimsical choice is very easy to live with, and the blooms deliver beautiful coloration from hot pink, to shell-pink, to creamy white, and even snow-white from mid to late-season.

You needn't worry about these massive bomb-shaped blooms falling over. Mr. Ed has some of the sturdiest stems of any peony.

Zones 3-8

Available only in fall as bare roots. 3/5-eye

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