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'PIETERTJE VRIEND WAGENAAR' Peony (Paeonia x lactiflora 'pietertje vriend wagenaar')

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Time to PAY ATTENTION. This is a very special variety. With a prolific dark-pink speckle through the entirety of its petals, 'Pietertje Vriend Wagenaar' (PVW) has a surreal appearance, as if lifted straight from the pages of an artist’s sketchbook. This unique pink stippling effect is applied over well-groomed, fully-double flowers in a medium bubblegum-pink. Plants produce large flowers in abundance on strong 34" stems with attractive, deep-green foliage. Currently the superior speckled-double variety, PVW was awarded the highest of accolades with the American Peony Society Gold medal in 2018 and was selected as their peony of the year in 2019. A great choice for those looking to grow something unique but with an air of familiarity. Side buds extend the blooming period. Mildly fragrant. Still very limited commercially and not found in many collections. VERY LIMITED QUANTITY!

Zones 3-8

Bare roots available only in the fall/winter. 3/5-eye.

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