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Van Bourgandein

'PINK DOUBLE DANDY' Itoh peony (Paeonia x intersectional 'pink double dandy')

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Extra-large and extra-long lasting, this fantastic new Itoh peony produces an abundance of luxuriant blooms on a hardy, robust plant. Flowers begin their lavish life in a lavender-pink hue, gradually aging to deep, rich pink. At times, both colors will be present on the same plant—a real eye catcher in the landscape! The foliage also transforms throughout the growing season, emerging copper-burgundy and later changing to glossy-green. Perfect for gardeners who appreciate an ever-changing display but have limited space. Robust 24" stems keep the large, single blooms upright even during heavy rains. Fragrant blooms attract butterflies.

Zones 4-8

Bare roots available only in the fall/winter. 3/5-eye.