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'PINK SPRITZER' Peony (Paeonia x lactiflora 'pink spritzer')

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A mid-season peony that provides distinct color in the landscape or cut-flower arrangement. 'Pink Spritzer' stands out with multi-colored, cactus-dahlia form blossoms of wispy, bright-pink petals with white and green streaking. As the flowers mature, the color also matures with white becoming the dominant color with pink and green streaking. Anyone who ventures to try this variety will be rewarded with extremely long-lasting blooms, consistent with the cactus-dahlia form plants. Plant habit is upright and vertical with narrow, deep-green foliage. Flowers are effortlessly held up under most conditions. A bit of curiosity for those looking to grow something different without compromising on an excellent landscape specimen. One fragrant flower per 28" stem, but some stems may sport a side bud or two.

Zones 4-8

Bare roots available only in fall. 3/5-eye

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