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'PINK SURPRISE' Amaryllis (Hippeastrum x 'pink surprise')

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'Pink Surprise' offers gorgeous velvety, deep-pink petals. The wide petals combine into 7" blossoms atop medium sized sturdy stems. A beautiful and alternative color for the holiday season. This tender flowering bulb needs bright, indoor light when potted and adds a beautiful accent to your windowsill. The planting period for these amaryllis is October through April. You can keep your bulbs year after year by placing the dormant pot in a cool place for six weeks in the fall. Before bringing it back to life, re-pot into the same container but with new potting soil. Bring it back out into the warm sun and slowly begin watering it until new green shoots appear, then lightly fertilize grow as any houseplant.

Hint: When renewing your bulb after its dormant period, check for small side bulbs at the root which can be removed, potted up separately, and grown into new flowering Amaryllis! This may take several years, but it's fun and rewarding.

May be planted in the ground in Zones 8-11.

36/38cm bulb

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