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'RENOWN' Tree Peony (Paeonia suffruticosa x lutea 'renown')

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A vigorous American hybrid tree peony, 'Renown' has two seasons of bloom! It's first bloom occurs in early to mid-spring with an abundance of coppery-rose, single to double rowed blossoms of delicate substance and appearance. Each petal has a dark wine 'flare' at its base adding visual depth to the blossom as a whole. While 'Renown' does not grow as large as many tree peonies, it has the advantage of a second flush of blossoms in late-summer or fall! This remarkable stalwart should find a home in nearly every peony-lover's garden. Grows relatively slow to 3 feet and in Southern gardens with good cultivation and adequate moisture, it will attain 4' to 5' in height with age.

Zones 4-7 and 8 with shade.

Bare root available only in the fall.